Julia 1.6 UndefVarError: .. not defined

I just downloaded Julia 1.6 and the syntax:
[-1. .1]
that expresses a range of numbers which used to work in Julia 1.5 no longer works. Does anyone know what the latest syntax for “. .” is?
I need it as I am using the ReinforcementLearning function “Space”:
Space([-1.0 . . 1,1 . . DIM])

Are you thinking of -1:1?

That was never a syntax in Base Julia. Some packages do stuff with the operator, but standard Julia does not.


is that Bash syntax or Swift or C#?

That syntax is introduced in IntervalSets.jl.

It should work on both versions. I guess you forgot using IntervalSets first.

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Thanks a lot. It worked, I was using using IntervalArithmetic.