What does mean if memory allocations are shown on struct elements?


using julia --track-allocation=user the following extract was written into a *.mem file. What does it mean when track-allocation reports memory allocations on a specific element of the struct? Where do I need to look to fix it?

          - struct FWIndex{F<:AbstractField, R<:AbstractRecord} <: AbstractIndex{F}
 47114528      fwf::FWFile{R}
          -    field::F

The result is pretty much the same, no matter whether I specify FWFile fully or not.

          - struct FWIndex{F<:AbstractField} <: AbstractIndex{F}
 47114528      fwf::FWFile
          -    field::F

Created is it like below. Hence, no FWFile is created, but memory allocations are obviously required.

function FWIndex(fwf::FWFile{R}) where R
   FWIndex{typeof(field), R}(fwf, ...)

thanks a lot for your help