What distributed linear algebra algorithm will be a good contribute?

i am cs student who is willing to participate in gsoc with julia , i think distributed linear algebra routines will make a good gsoc project , and i think there is a lot of work we can do , so i decided to start from now, but i dont know where to start , can you recommend me some algorithms to implement ?

Imo, the biggest place for improvement would be a fast parallel generic matrix multiplication. I’ve done some experiments that suggest 4x faster should be achievable for non-blas assisted large multiplication.

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Can you tell me the algorithm you have implemented, I am searching for some algorithm that haven’t been implemented yet in Julia.

Just look at the DistributedArrays.jl issues, for example:

If it’s a GSoC, find a mentor who knows DistributedArrays and they can probably guide you to the missing parts.


If you are brave, maybe look for the COSMA algorithm for distributed multiplication of matrices. A julia implementarion would be cool

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i can can not find anything but the implementation, is there is a paper or something i can learn the algorithm from?

I found it: https://arxiv.org/abs/1908.09606


Thank you very much