What did I do wrong when installing my MATLAB.jl package?

Unfortunately, MATLAB.jl has not been working for me.

Not sure if it is because I first installed MATLAB.jl by Pkg.add("MATLAB"), then realized I did not set the environment variable as above first. So I set the environment variable and installed MATLAB.jl package again.

Below are the official instructions from the Github webpage. What does it mean by “making sure matlab is in executable path”? I did add the below to ~/my.zshr file.
export PATH="/home/leon/MATLAB/R2021b/bin/:$PATH"

BTW, I’m able to launch Matlab by typing “matlab” in any directory within my terminal.


  1. Make sure matlab is in executable path.
  2. Make sure csh is installed. (Note: MATLAB for Linux relies on csh to open an engine session.)To install csh in Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, you may type in the following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install csh

  1. From Julia run: Pkg.add("MATLAB")


]build MATLAB

also, what does

mean exactly?

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Have been facing similar issues on a windows computer.

When I try to run any functions from MATLAB.jl, julia immediately exits and the MATLAB command window opens. No warnings or errors are thrown when julia exits. Some functions work, such as mxarray, however, neither mxcall, md"", or MSession seem to work.

what does ]build MATLAB and ]test MATLAB say?

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Don’t see anything strange with the build process, but returns exit code 3765269347 from the test.

Edit: Read that exit code 3765269347 may refer to an internal windows error. Opened julia through the commandline as an admistrator, rebuilt and ran the tests. I am now getting an error with the build process, but it passes all the tests. After doing this I now seem to be able to run the MATLAB code without julia exiting.