What can't figure out the .. notation in a using statement means?

Hi there
noob question. I am using vscode to try to figure out the notation in a Pkg. I can’t figure out what the using line does?

module Reader

using ..Client: read_one

AND if somone could tell me how to figure this out using vscode I would be grateful.

thank you


(Basically is similar to reference to parent directories, but on the module tree)

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first of all, as always, thanks for taking the time @lmiq most appreciated. I STILL don’t get it to be honest. I see that it seems to be something related to Submodules and relative paths and I am happy to work through that

BUT what is the benefit of doing this please?
why couldn’t I get to the documentation for this using vscode?

Here is an example: Help with modules and types - #2 by mmiller

There is no inherent advantage, it is a choice of code organization.

WOW that is excellent!!! how did you find that please? Remember I am a noob and don’t know what questions to ask.
thanks again

Nothing special, just remembered similar things being discussed here.

Great, to be honest I wouldn’t have found that thread,

one last question. Your answer led directly to the official julia documentation.

why couldn’t I get to the documentation for this using vscode?

It seems to me that vscode should have parsed the line and determined it’s intent in a general sense and got me to the documentation. Did I do something wrong?