Vscode not leading me to documentation for submodules?

Hi there
julia noob using vscode to learn and working with someone elses code. I hit a line that I had no real idea how to interpret but couldn’t get vcode to guide me to the docs. What was I doing wrong please?

here is the line of code, I know what it does now thanks to the wonderful Imiq’s answer on a SUNDAY night no less. My question is why I couldn’t use vs code to guide me to the documentation given that it could parse the line, determine the general form and take the action that @lmiq so ably did.

module Reader

using ..Client: read_one

any help appreciated

Just to put some context into the question (for which I don’t know the answer). The types of answers you can get are: 1) For the same reasons you have trouble finding the docs about the .., it is hard to implement that in an automatic docs-search, and that was not implemented yet. 2) It should work, but for some reason it is not working for you (in that case, it is a bug and should be reported as an issue in the VSCode or Julia for vscode extension repos).

Searching the docs for a syntax that is a sequence of any number of dots is obviously hard, maybe there is no ideal solution for that.

So probably you are not doing anything wrong, there isn’t such a feature for that particular syntax, probably. If it could exist is another problem.

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Hi there @lmiq thanks again for all your help. I had problems with finding the answer myself because I didn’t know about the substructures of modules, please remember I am learning and am not attending any classes so this is all me. That’s why I am so pleased that people like you inhabit discourse and it’s so helpful to me. I try not to bother people until I have exhausted my limit abilities in julia. Thanks again.

I don’t have the skills to determine which of your points ( 1-3) are the solution to my question.