What are the ways to make GUI in Julia (review wanted)

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@frylock asked a question, which I wanted to ask too. I think, it is worth a separate topic.


I saw this the other day:


I think Mousetrap is GTK4 … which is an amazing and full featured GUI. Polished programs should probably use something like that. I’m sure there are more tutorials out there - but I have been so wrapped up in data analysis that I haven’t really looked for tutorials on GUI code.

I often find that when I need to make a GUI, that I need to prototype it quickly, and that Tk is a good GUI prototyping toolkit … and often customers (company-internal groups that want a thing with buttons that cause things to happen) are satisfied with the prototype (and don’t want to pay for me to develop a nicer-looking one. With that said, it looks like lots of Julians have been working on this:

Tcl/Tk offerings in Julia by:

This awesome list seems a bit unmaintained. I hope JuliaComputing or some other org could take this over and maintain it better.

I would also add sunoru/Webviews.jl: :globe_with_meridians: Julia implementation of webview, a tiny library for creating web-based desktop GUIs. and Clemapfel/mousetrap.jl: Finally, a GUI Engine made for Julia to this list.

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From the Mousetrap documentation:

As of version 0.1.0, the Linux- and Windows- version of mousetrap are in beta, while the version targeting MacOS is in alpha. For the beta components, stability should mostly be fine

And for Ubuntu, there is an Issue

hello world crashes on Ubuntu 22.04

so it is probably not exactly prime time ready yet

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Of course having a list of packages is better then nothing…


@TheLateKronos - wouldn’t it be nice to have something like that in Julia Package Comparison ? I mean, what we can probably only do is asking for help

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I added this on my personal todo list today, due to the QML announcement ^_^. PR’s welcome!


@Palli - thank you


For those not in the know, what is the “QML announcement”?

Just this discource post from about a month ago. It made me discover QML.

Better look at this: [ANN] QML.jl 0.8.1 released