What are the functionality restrictions when compiling Julia with `USE_GPL_LIBS=0`?

What are the functionality restrictions when compiling Julia with USE_GPL_LIBS=0 ?

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suavesito 4 hours ago

From what I was able to read… from Julia itself you may lose SuiteSparse, but I may have read it the wrong way. You can read little more in these threads



Is JULIA suitable for the development of proprietary derived-softwares?

Example 1: you build Julia yourself from source with USE_GPL_LIBS=0. The Julia source code is under MIT, except the interface subdirectories noted in LICENSE.md which are excluded from the system image by USE_GPL_LIBS=0. No GPL code is linked or loaded in the system image. You can embed in a proprietary application and distribute* without any GPL obligation (MIT license applies). Example 2: you link your application against the Julia download distribution, which loads GPL code and links to GPL…

Dec 22nd, 2017


GPL and virality

It’s often stated that the GPL is “viral” – i.e. that using GPL code “infects” other code. There is a viral effect for code that is not licensed under a GPL-compatible license, but not for code that is licensed under a GPL-compatible license like MIT or BSD. First, a bit on how software licenses work: a software license is a legal document in which the copyright holder – typically the author of the code – gives someone the right to use or redistribute the software under certain conditions. If y…

Dec 12th, 2017


Are the Julia binaries GPL-free?

It’s unclear to me if Julia [1.1] is compiled with USE_GPL_LIBS (the docs only say it’s possible to compile without): It seems SuiteSparse is the only real GPL dependency left (and even only for GPL for part of it). MbedTLS has non-GPL as an option and all other GPL dependencies have linking exceptions, it seems; so not a problem. As I don’t need SuiteSparse it would be nice to have an MIT-only (and similar plus Apache-licenced) download option without it for distribution (or at least know e…

Jan 23rd, 2019

Heetbeet 4 hours ago

Cool, thanks

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