Non-GPL sparse arrays and/or 3D+ sparse

Currently Julia is GPLed, seemingly, even in 1.11-DEV:

julia> Base.USE_GPL_LIBS

I thought the SuiteSparse GPL dependency had been dropped (making Julia non-copyleft in 1.10) and SparseArrays.jl independent of it. I actually see Statistics.jl depends on it/GPL too (by default, here code added to avoid that, then with reduced capability):

[How many more libraries in Julia ecosystem, might be GPLed implicitly in the same way, i.e. depending on any of these?]

In many cases this isn’t a problem (and if you don’t actually use the GPL code, then you probably can claim MIT-noncopyleft applies…), and people are ok with GPL/copyleft (or not, and they use e.g. with PackageCompiler.jl and GPL their code by accident), I’m just thinking does Julia support alternatives? SuiteSparse is great software, and I’m not asking for a non-GPL replacement of it necessarily, just a non-GPLed SparseArrays type of library.

This is out of curiosity and to see what is out there, available for Julia (or not), and what type of sparse matrix types are in use (I know there are some options, and Julia only has one).

I’ve been thinking of implementing my own (sparse) matrix type. The sparse one in Julia (and most languages) is only 2D, while matrixes in Julia are otherwise nD, e.g. 3D (as I’ve needed before, and implemented myself, hacked together, maybe not in the best way).