What are the active manifests?


When I ran the Pkg gc it listed active manifests. What are the active manifests? Why are these active and not others? I had not activated any project, and I have no environment variables pointing to these paths.

(v1.1) pkg> gc
    Active manifests:

Maybe “active manifest” is a bad name. They are the path to all manifests you have used which are still on the filesystem.

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Ok, thanks! So somewhere in the bowels of my Julia installation there is a list of projects that I have activated with Pkg activate?

After some digging, I think it is
Is this correct?

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It would be really great to expose this somewhere/somehow. Looking at that I found projects I’d totally forgotten about :laughing:


Does having it listed in a file not qualify as “exposing it”?


See https://github.com/JuliaLang/Pkg.jl/issues/621

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Well, I know you’re not trying to keep it a secret :wink:.

Yeah, that would be great :grin: