What are the active manifests?

When I ran the Pkg gc it listed active manifests. What are the active manifests? Why are these active and not others? I had not activated any project, and I have no environment variables pointing to these paths.

(v1.1) pkg> gc
    Active manifests:

Maybe “active manifest” is a bad name. They are the path to all manifests you have used which are still on the filesystem.


Ok, thanks! So somewhere in the bowels of my Julia installation there is a list of projects that I have activated with Pkg activate?

After some digging, I think it is
Is this correct?



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It would be really great to expose this somewhere/somehow. Looking at that I found projects I’d totally forgotten about :laughing:

Does having it listed in a file not qualify as “exposing it”?


See https://github.com/JuliaLang/Pkg.jl/issues/621

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Well, I know you’re not trying to keep it a secret :wink:.

Yeah, that would be great :grin: