Additional packages in Pkg3

Is there a way to list “additional packages” in 0.7?

In 0.6 one could do Pkg.status() and get a list of all installed packages, including those installed as requirements for added packages, whereas in 0.7 status only prints the added packages.

You can look at the manifest and that file will give you all packages installed for your project. It will handle the dependency chaos and have all packages that are needed/installed.

I think the new package manager looks great.
For my understanding:
If I open a new julia session and type “using MyPackage” julia will look up the manifest.toml in the folder MyPackage.jl and load exactly these dependencies (in the specified version and branches), right?

No, it will look in the Manifest of the current environment (the path to that manifest is shown when you e.g. do pkg> st.). Manifests in package folder are not used unless that is your current environment.

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thank you.
I can see that cd() will change the ‘active’ environment if needed.

That bit actually concerns me, for security reasons (same reason that you’re not supposed to put . in your executable path).

OK, I like the idea of a “Pkg.cwe” (bikeshedding needed!) function (and “cwe …” REPL command) to explicitly set the working environment, less like to break things if somebody is just doing a cd because of needing to run some OS commands in that directory, etc.)