Weekly Julia challenge?

Would people be up for a weekly computational challenge? I was thinking maybe to post a thread with problems from the archives of Project Euler and let people try to come up with the best (being either fastest or most “clean”) solutions using Julia?

Both the act of solving the problem and seeing what people come up with being useful to sharpen existing skills and teach newcomers some tricks. I did something like it just for kicks and the solutions + comments are great. (For instance, I wasn’t aware of the package Rematch.jl to get C-style switch pattern matching)

Thoughts? Would discourse allow us to vote collectively on the “best” solution to a problem if this were to be done?


I second this motion, there is always something new to learn, and challenges lead to unexpected solutions

This is probably better be done outside of Discourse, but advertised here regularly or something. But it’s a good idea.