Coding Challenges websites for Julia

I love solving programming challenges, but many programming sites don’t support Julia and I’ve been emailing them to ask for support Julia for a while. These are some websites I found to be good for Julia

With correctness verifier

  1. HackerRank - native Julia support, however, many example code still use STDIN where stdin would be valid. But it’s the best so far. Also, not every problem supports Julia. If you come across a problem that doesn’t support Julia, commenting on the discussion board sometimes helps.
  2. Exercism - It is geared toward a code polishing mentor/student feedback loop. That’s its big draw, not so much the pool of problems or ranking systems. It is non-profit and supports Julia but the posing and wording of the questions can be tightened to remove any ambiguity. It doesn’t seem to “penalize” slow solutions. E.g. with Hackerrank if your code times out, you also don’t score the points.
  3. Project Euler - the original and still the best. It’s language agnostic because it only ask you to put in the answer. Nothing else. So you can also use as many packages as you like. It’s the best!
  4. Advent of Code - It is also a coding competition that gets run in December for a few years now. Also language agnostic
  5. Google comp - supports Julia v1 but has a limited set of problems. Still pretty good.
  6. Codewars - some problems support Julia. Thanks to @jballanc for pointing it out.
  7. AtCoder - supports Julia 1.4.

Without correctness verifier

  1. Code golf StackExchange - Basically language agnostic but also no correctness verifier


  1. Gives you tricky inputs to some coding challenges to test your program with. Thanks to @binarygcd for pointing it out.

Did I miss any? Please help me find more such sites. It’s awesome! Feel free to necro comment I reckon. Since it’s a living list.

2020 06 25 update

  • Updated Exercism description by taking wording from @miguelraz.
  • Added AtCoder and Code Golf stackexchange

Codewars has a wide variety of languages, including Julia. It’s not one of their “top-tier” languages, and not every puzzle is available to be solved in Julia, but there’s still a lot to practice with there.

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Hacker Rank has a set of problems that are Project Euler clone which has test cases. Some of them are quite hard espeically because you can’t use any packages.

Is Julia supported for them? I tried the site before, but most of the interesting problems were unavailable.

I see a faint logo in the additional languages for Julia. That’s why I missed it.

Check this out

I haven’t tried but atcoder supports julia 1.4.0. See

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Btw, how’s your setup for this? Just single .jl file? How about the tests?

What about StackExchange Code Golf:

The platform has on the list of upcoming features the support of Julia. I think it’s very well made.
The founder is very involved with the community, if you feel like using Julia on binary search drop him a message! :+1:t2:


Why is Julia not listed as one of the programming languages supported, though?

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It’s not on yet, but I was told It will be available in the near future!

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HackerEarth too(though on v0.4 -_-).

when it’s available I will add. Hope the post isn’t locked dead by then.

Not really an oj type of site but can be useful if you want to solve problems from sites like UVA, Devskill, URI and others. You can generate your own input or use the ones available(if there are) for a specific problem then let the site generate an AC output. You can then run your program and compare the outputs.
The problem though is that your input might not be as strong as the one from the oj site. But in a way it is more flexible. For example, if the problem states that the number of test cases is 10_000, you can increase it and see how fast your program(e.g.Generate 10_000 inputs, get the AC output. Repeat until you’re satisfied. Run your program using all of the inputs.)
Edit: And yeah. This also means that since you’re only comparing outputs, the language restriction is gone.

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I wish there’s a subcategory here(or maybe somewhere else) where one can post challenge problems(maybe from sites not yet supporting Julia, or harder versions). Anyone interested can then post their solutions and be ready to be brutally corrected, advised, etc.

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U can make problems in exercism

I have converted the first 625 Project Euler puzzles into IJulia Notebooks:

Each question’s html is injected above an answer-verification block for convenience. This is a port of my Python version of two years ago, with the answer-checker exposed via PyCall.


If people want to contribute, I have just created this … as I prepare to go through #100daysOfJuliaCode. Indeed content more in the reach of “average” programmers would greatly help boost Julia’s profile.

There is one page in progress on Julia. I will add all that I know, in terms of repos that are good for beginners / people knowing another language who want to try Julia.

The Project Euler repository now supports Literate.jl and Pluto.jl and is up to date with the latest puzzles :rocket:

I have also added the scraper to the repository for if anyone else want to inject Project Euler puzzles somewhere else.