Weave.jl just hanging... was working earlier today

Earlier today weave was happily making output .html files. Now it just hangs at the end of each chunk and waits until i Ctrl-c it goes to the next chunk and hangs there…

It actually runs to completion if I include_weave(...) the file so it’s not my code !

it has the feeling like it’s waiting for a file to be created or a deadlock of some sort. There is zero CPU usage from julia during the compile. Rebooting my machine, and even rebooting the fileserver that serves the filesystem where the directory is didn’t help.


EDIT: discovered that if I just wait until julia activity disappears at the end of each chunk… and Ctrl-c once, let it move to the next chunk, and then repeat for each chunk… it compiles the document fine. WTH?

EDIT: also it’s throwing messages about

┌ Warning: seriestype density has been moved to StatsPlots.  To use: `Pkg.add("StatsPlots"); using StatsPlots`

but at the top of my code I have:

using DataFrames, CSV, StatsPlots, Downloads, DataFramesMeta, Dates, Statistics
using Turing, Memoization, ReverseDiff, Serialization
using LinearAlgebra

And then, after several days of previous behavior, just like that *snap* when I run weave this morning it goes through all the chunks on its own with no Ctrl-C required… WTH?