Way to hide code in Weaved documents?

In R, if I have a code that is only for technical stuff, like:

library("zoo", lib.loc="C:/software/Rpackages")

I can represent the same code as

` library("zoo", lib.loc="C:/software/Rpackages") `

and it won’t show up in the final report, with say knitr or markdown.

Is there a similar comand for Julia, to make my reports look nice?

The output of a expression in Julia can be suppressed by ending the line with ;. It might not be what you want, but it will help clean up a document. See https://github.com/JunoLab/Weave.jl for report generation and documentation therein.

Yeah, the output is the only thing I don’t want to hide from my final document.

It would be helpful if the title of the post specified that you want to hide code in a report generated by weave. I edited the title to reflect this.

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If you search “hide” in the Weave documentation, and navigate to code chunks, you see:

Markdown code chunks are defined using fenced code blocks with options following on the same line. e.g. to hide code from output you can use:
```julia; echo=false`

Based on your recent posts, I would suggest asking these small questions in Slack channel instead for quick and small response.

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I set up Slack, but what kind of apostrophy is after the line?

so normally I believe you would do

[stuff here[

now you want to do

julia; echo=false```
[stuff here[