Watching Julia developer code

I really like watch other developer to code. It’s very interesting how they do stuff and in general the workflow of others. I learned a lot this way and would love to learn even more that way.
Since it’s so easy to record your screen with I like to encourage everyone who likes to share.
Maybe just post the link to the videos in the description :slight_smile:

There is the #streaming channel in slack where people post their life coding sessions. Quite active these days.


Thank you for the hint :+1:
I like to encourage everyone here :slight_smile:


I’m solving the Exercism track in Julia starting in 20 minutes if anyone is interested


I fully agree, but I am wondering if video captures the right timescale for this (the coding part, not the workflow).

I would recommend reading PRs and related discussions. Often you can see an initial approach evolving to some nicely polished code based on feedback, captured in commits and suggestions.


I occasionally stream mostly because my office mates like to watch me tinkering with Julia, but I am pretty sure they are just having it in background as some “office noise replacement”. Not sure how fun it is to watch such a stream as I spend most of the time staring at the screen or walking through documentation, feeding the cat, making something to eat etc. 8 hours of streaming ends up in maybe 1-2 hours of real typing scattered all around.

…but it’s fun when people join the stream chat since it happens that they give valuable feedback.

As said, the information density is extremely low and I think lectures or (prepared) tutorials on coding are much more worth the time if one wants to sit back and watch instead of reading PRs, discussions or other code (as Tamas pointed out). The latter is my preference…

Enough said, I recently switched to YouTube and here is one of my recordings. I warn you, it’s extremely boring and on that day I had quite a few interruptions :laughing:

(the sound was of most of the time in this stream)


Ok. Speak of the :imp: i will live stream my attempt st writing a parquet writer