[ACCEPTED] BoF for Live Coding & Beyond! Please Give Feedback!

Hi all!

Exciting news: our JuliaCon BoF proposal for live streaming was accepted to JuliaCon 2021! I have been reaching out to members of our Julia community and elsewhere to get some feedback on what would make a good BoF for everyone. I am still looking for feedback but do have a loose outline about what we could potentially discuss.

Here is the outline with some potential discussion questions. Let me know what you think and we can solidify an outline before JuliaCon. I was inspired by @rkurchin 's idea for splitting up the session into 30 minute chunks of sorts:

BoF Session 1: What Is Streaming? How Do I Get Started? :mag:

This is designed for those who are kinda unsure about what live streaming actually is and also how to get started.

  • What is live streaming?
  • Why do people stream?
  • Why should people stream?
  • Why do people watch streams?
  • What tools do people use for live streaming?
  • What are good streaming platforms?
  • Is live streaming expensive?
  • How can I stream if I have poor internet? (Yes, there are options! :smiley: )

BoF Session 2: Ok, I Am Ready to Stream! …Now What? :clapper:

This is designed for those who are either ready to stream or have streamed maybe once or twice and want to know how to get started.

  • How do you find out what topics to start streaming about?
  • How do you attract and sustain an audience?
  • How important is it to consistently stream?
  • What are some best practices when streaming/content-creation?
  • What are some content creation opportunities within the Julia community?
    • How do I conduct interviews?
    • What are active projects I could contribute to?

BoF Session 3: Streaming Is _____ :crystal_ball:

This is designed for folks who have streamed for a while and are willing to share their experiences on streaming.

  • Favorite community interactions?
  • Making money from streaming? (Is it possible :scream: )
  • What have you learned from streaming?
  • How has streaming impacted your life?
  • What are problems in the world of streaming?

Anyhow, these are just thoughts! I would love to hear what else could be added/adjusted to make this a great BoF and outreach opportunity for Julia!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

P.S. I am pinging some folks who I know have been involved in streaming before (sorry if I forgot anyone - not on purpose!): @Wikunia @miguelraz @abelsiqueira @giordano @jameson @jeff.bezanson @kslimes @Azzaare @tk3369

If I missed anyone, please ping them below! And I apologize that I missed you! :cry:


Not sure how this fits into the scope of the BoF, but I would love to see some discussion around how to grow the Julia streamer community: Add resources for those getting started streaming · Issue #21 · Julia-Streamers/Julia-Streamers.github.io · GitHub and specifically some on-ramps for new streamers:

  • duo streams
  • hosted streams
  • new streamer spotlights

That is a great idea Logan! It would be amazing to get that page up and running better. I like the idea of spotlighting and stuff. That could be really fun. :slight_smile:

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As JuliaCon is less than a month away, I am looking at solidifying the outline for our BoF! Also, if you have any more ideas, please let me know here so I can add it into a final outline!

Finally, do you have any favorite streamers that you would love to see at this event? Let me know! I can get in touch with them and see if they would be interested in joining! :smiley:

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