Vscode: how to generate a list of all variables used in code?

Hallo, I am starting to document a large program SoilWater-ToolBox, is there a way to generate a list of the all the variables used in the program ?

I am using DocumenterDocumenter.jl

Many thanks for any help you may provide :grinning:

All variables? I don’t think that is possible, because variables can have different labels in the same program.

The constant can be documented with:

julia> """
       speed of light
       const c = 300_000

help?> c
search: c cp cd csc cot cos cmp cld cis cat csch cscd coth cotd cosh cosd cosc copy conj chop ceil cbrt Cmd ccall const catch Char

  speed of light


as any other function. And a “help.md” file with (or put the command below in any other file of the docs):

# Help entries


(the above ticks should be back-ticks)

will generate the entries of all those commented functions or constants in your manual.


Thanks, that is really helpful.

So therefore there is no automatic function which could derive a list of all the variables used in the code.

May be VScode could provide a list of all the variables used in the program as in the outline panel.

Can’t you just use names here?

My code is a huge hydrological model so I want to generate the names so I can document them in the documents.

Right, I meant the names function:

julia> module Foo
       const c = 3
       x() = c

julia> names(Foo, all=true)
8-element Array{Symbol,1}:

Just need to filter out unneeded/auto-generated symbols.