What is the command to find the keywords/functions of a Package such as in CSV.jl or Unitful.jl?

As shown in the attachment, I tried to use names, names! and I tried [SHIFT]? to find keywords/functions . What is the correct keyword or script to view all keywords and their “docstrings” ?
As shown in the top half of the attachment, I am guessing and researching online what units of measurements are valid. By the way, I am using Replit.com and it has Julia 1.3.

varinfo() or names() shows the objects but not their docstrings.

using LinearAlgebra
using Unitful
using CSV

help?> u*

It seems that varinfo() provides the local variable information, not the variables or units of measurement found in the added package. I tried the Unitful.jl, CSV.jl and LinearAlgebra.jl packages. When I use the names(EnterPkgName) and [SHIFT] ? I get some function info,but the docstring info did provide some hints of extra units of measurement are J for Joule, N for Newton and m for meters.

I don’t think there is a way to do what you want.

Maybe this is something that should be easier, but I think most people just refer to the online documentation.

Here is a solution using Documenter

julia> julia> using Documenter, Markdown, DataFrames;

julia> for n in names(DataFrames)
           docs = Documenter.DocSystem.getdocs(n)
           Markdown.MD(map(Documenter.DocSystem.parsedoc, docs)) |> display

This particular example might be overkill, of course, but I could see how a similar functionality might be more useful in other contexts.

julia> varinfo(DataFrames)
  name                     size summary                 
  ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––––––––––
  AbstractDataFrame   168 bytes DataType                
  All                  40 bytes UnionAll                
  AsTable             184 bytes DataType                
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You can write Module.<tab> to get a list of symbols, exported and not. Or you look up the docs and/or source online.

Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you for the useful script in which I replaced names(Documenter) with names(Unitful), besides other word replacements / additions.

import Pkg;
using Documenter, Markdown, DataFrames, Unitful
for n in names(Unitful)
             docs = Documenter.DocSystem.getdocs(n)
             Markdown.MD(map(Documenter.DocSystem.parsedoc, docs)) |> display

It did provide more insight, but not the Units of Measurement list (ex. hr, s, N, m, kg, inch,W, V…). I am viewing the documentation,

and testing assumed Units of Measurement .

Here is the definitive list of units defined in Unitful.


Thank you! The lesson I learned from you was to look at every file and folder in documentation to find my answer.
I posted the results just in case github is down…

Thank you !