VSCode Debugging Question

I’m not sure I am doing this properly - maybe I am missing something and someone wiser than me can steer me right.

I am using Julia 1.6.2 in VsCode 1.63.2 on Windows Subsystem for Linux 1 (WSL1), running Ubuntu. When I try to debug code, either using Julia: Debug File in New Process or from the REPL by using @run main(), VsCode acts like it is going to start debugging, the little debug control panel appears but then it just hangs. I just waited for 10 minutes just to see if it was a slow start or something and it never actually started debugging or reached my first break point.

What could I be doing wrong that is making the debugger hang for so long? Is there anything I can check or try to remedy the situation so I can actually use the debugger? I accept it may not be as responsive as what I’m used to with python or MATLAB debuggers, but I can’t be waiting minutes for it to start. I must be doing something wrong.

You have to press a button (continue, step in, step over) on that panel to make it go.