VS Code table display macro

I would like to have a macro to quickly view dataframes in VS code.

macro table(df)

return VSCodeServer.vscodedisplay(df)


When run the macro I do not get an error but the Julia Table tab in VS Code does not appear.

Why should this be a macro? If you just want to give vscodedisplay a shorter name do table = vscodedisplay (there shouldn’t be a need to qualify the function with VSCodeServer)

There should also be a @vscodedisplay macro.

Probably to emulate browse, which is easier to type with no parentheses, right?

Ah okay, if it’s about typing @table df rather than table(df) I guess you want

macro table(x)

Thanks everyone. This definitely makes my life easier.

You can also use

const var"@table" = var"@vscodedisplay"
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