VS Code Stuck Indexing Julia

In VS Code, I get a message that Julia crashed, and several notices of Julia indexing. It doesn’t seem to stop, and I can’t use certain packages.

As can be seen, it doesen’t mention indexing a particular package. I’m also not sure why there are several bars.

I had similar issues, which were apparently the result of using a custom sysimage. After running
PackageCompiler.restore_default_sysimage(), I don’t get that issue any more. As far as why/how that fixes the problem - someone much smarter than I would have to weigh in.

OK, that sounds like an option. I think I need to know more before trying it. Particulary what a sysimage is, and what is changed by reverting to the default. I don’t want to harm packages (except a few I know I don’t need and suspect to be causing problems).

You can learn more here:

Judging by your answer - it sounds like you never created a custom sysimage and therefore restoring the default wouldn’t do anything since you are already using the default. In which case I have no idea what the problem might be.

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