VS Code REPL very slow startup

Hello, I installed julia with juliaup from the windows store (win 11), then installed Julia 1.8.2. Everything works fine in the Julia shell. I installed the vscode julia extension.
I was trying to use the VS Code REPL feature but it takes ~1/2 min to start each time getting stuck in the LanguageServer startup.

  Activating project at `c:\Users\aless\.vscode\extensions\julialang.language-julia-1.38.2\scripts\environments\languageserver\v1.8`
[ Info: Starting the Julia Language Server
[ Info: Symbol server store is at 'c:\Users\aless\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\globalStorage\julialang.language-julia\symbolstorev5'.
[ Info: Starting LS at 1668364752
[ Info: Received new data from Julia Symbol Server.

The Starting LS at 1668364752 takes the most time.
I don’t have any package yet, everything is clean. Another thing is that VS Code opens the REPL immediately, if I do ctrl+enter on the lines they are not sent to the REPL until the server has started.
After the REPL is activated everything is fast.
Thank you in advance!

I’ve made a github issue for the vscode extension: VS Code REPL mode very slow startup · Issue #3155 · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub

in the terminal pane there is also an “output” section with a drop down menu, where you can pick Julia Language Server and see related info.
Have you checked there, to see if anything suspicious comes up?

also for me, the language server starts right after opening VSCode, does it not do this in your instance?
(if I have Julia files in the current workspace, I think)

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That output is the output I get from the Julia Language server on VSCode.
The problem is that ctrl+enter does not send the code to the REPL if the language server hasn’t started yet. That makes starting to work on a project very slow.
Yeah, the language server starts immediately after opening vscode with a julia file open.

I still have this problem, I cannot send to REPL unless the language server has started. Nobody can fix this?

Has this issue only started after upgrading to 1.8.2, or with a newer version of the VS code extension. Do you remember the language server loading much faster before? What sort of system are you running?

The language server is quite slow to start for me (~10-20 seconds for me), so I’m not too surprised at the 30 second load time for you.

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It takes about 1 min, much more (~3 min) if I have some packages installed (they download cache every single time the server starts).
But the problem is that I cannot do anything in the meantime, ctrl+enter does not send anything in the repl and I cannot use latex syntax (like \alpha + tab).

Same happens for 2 of my machines with Win11.
I install julia from website (64bit executable) and then the vscode extension.

This seems to be really quite slow. What sort of storage and CPU does your system have?

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One pc has i5 1235u (laptop) and the other Ryzen 5 3600 (desktop), both on nvme ssd. I do not think this is the problem :confused:

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I have posted in the correct section: