VS Code extremely slow to execute code

When I start up VS Code, the first time I want to execute code, it does so ok. The second time, if I highlight some code to run with Shift-Enter, it will stop, and will take longer to reply than just restarting VS Code, after which I can run one line of code again before it will again stop for an undetermined amount of time. What is going on here? I’m trying to move away from Atom/Juno, because I can’t seem to interrupt my code with Ctrl-C there and I can in VS Code, but VS Code is so unresponsive.

Can you check Output > Julia Language Server and see if there are any errors there? Also, do you have crash reporting enabled?

There are no errors in the Output. How do I turn on crash reporting? I’m very new to VS Code.

Is this with a specific line of code, or just arbitrarily selecting any complete set of code?

Arbitrarily with any complete code