VS Code extension v0.12.0 beta release

If I try to run the command Toggle file linting I get an error saying “Error: server is not running”. Is there a way I can report this through vscode?

It almost certainly already showed up in our crash reports :slight_smile:

With 0.12.0 I am not able to interrupt the REPL. If I run my script hitting the f5 key (language-julia.executeJuliaFile) I’m not able to throw an InterruptException in the julia REPL using Ctrl+C. However, if I run a code block hitting Ctrl+Enter I am able to break the execution in REPL by Ctrl+C. Any idea what is going on?

If I downgrade to 0.11.6 it seems to work with Ctrl+C

Yeah, that is a side effect of the new execution model… Could you open an issue on github (if there isn’t one already) for this? I don’t have an idea what to do, but we might as well track it.

I’m happy to be switching back to VS Code with this update. However, I’m also unable to use LaTeX completions in the editor now, though they work in the in-VS Code Julia terminal. Any ideas?

See discussion in this thread a few comments earlier.

Thanks @tkoolen. You mean to use Fast Unicode Math Characters instead of relying directly on the VS Code extension for this? That sounds good. I saw those comments, but it sounded like people were saying, “I’m not having problems with this other extension” and not “the base VS Code extension isn’t working for me right now,”, though @davidanthoff did point out that it wasn’t as stable as it had been previously. I was just trying to provide a voice for the latter, to say that it’s not working at all for me. I could have been clearer. I’ll be happy to provide whatever info about my setup if that’s useful for anyone – it’s pretty much the defaults for VS Code + Julia.

However, yes, I just added this extension, and seconds later, I had my Greek characters back. Thanks!

Thank you David. There is already an issue regarding this:
v0.12.0 beta Ctrl-C doesn’t interrupt Alt-Enter code #767