VS Code debugging video tutorial

Hello, is there any tutorial video showing debugging using VS Code?

Check the JuliaCon2021 Workshop video by @pfitzseb on package development in VSCode, @ 01:35:25


Nice, thank you. From the video (and also from my attempts), I got the impression that it is still highly experimental.

I like compiled mode (started by pressing C) and evaluation mode (started by pressing ') in the command line Debugger GitHub - JuliaDebug/Debugger.jl: Julia debugger

Debugger.jl seems to me very fast. On the other hand, you can not create new local variable for playing and mainly going directly (from my point of view) through the code in editor is more user-friendly than in command line.

I believe that VS Code will be soon there, and I will enjoy debugging in graphical interface.

The VS Code debugger has that as well:

There shouldn’t be any real performance difference between VS Code and Debugger otherwise; it’s basically just a matter of configuration.

Yes I know. But I don’t understand how to use it.

I typically use @enter macro in Debugger.jl and then I hit C key to be in compiled mode and n key to step though the function (I entered).

The @enter macro in vscode start debbuging (which is quite slow when compared to Debugger.jl ) and then you enable compiled mode, right? And everything should work as in Debugger.jl but in graphic mode?

Yes, it should be exactly the same workflow.

OK, thanks for answers, I will try it.

Thank you for your work.