Vline! with subplots


When I try to add vertical lines to subplots, the lines only apply to the first subplot. Is there a way to add vertical lines to each subplot? Here is a MWE:

using DataFrames,StatsPlots

df = DataFrame(g=rand(1:3,100),y=randn(100))
@df df histogram(:y,group=:g,layout=(3,1))

I want to bump this up to see if anyone knows whether there is a solution or this is a bug.

Sorry, you did not get an answer for so long.
As I wrote in the StatsPlots issue you opened, you have to replace your last line with:

vline!([0 0 0])

With [0 0 0] being a row vector, each column corresponds to a series and each series is allocated to a subplot.

For future plotting questions I recommend asking in the Visualization domain https://discourse.julialang.org/c/domain/viz, at the Plots.jl Gitter channel https://gitter.im/tbreloff/Plots.jl or in the plotting / plots-bridged channels in julias slack http://julialang.slack.com.