Videos in Blink + WebIO?

I successfully learned how to display plots and text in Blink + WebIO :slight_smile:
Now I would like to include image and video files on the page, however, I don’t know how to share the files via WebIO.
I would like to include some html like

<video src=‘test.mp4’ />

but I don’t know, where to store the files that they are found and served by WebIO?

Can anybody help me with that? Many thanks in advance!

I found the solution myself :slight_smile:

For anyone else who might be interested:

  • create a new folder “MyPackage” in the package folder (mostly".julia/packages/MyPackage")
  • create a subfolder assets
  • place the files there (e.g. .julia/packages/test.jpg)
  • embed the file with
    body!(w,HTML(“My test image is here: <img src=‘pkg/MyPackage/test.jpg’ />”)

/pkg URLs work for now, but they are deprecated and will be removed soon. You can use for a more future-proof solution.

Thank you, that was a valuable hint and I have managed to use the assets concept now.