VGG19 to classify images

I want to use VGG19 to classify images like :
vgg =VGG19()
classify(vgg, image)
But when i make those commands i have a problem with VGG19 that says : can not read end of file
Can some one tell me where i have the problem ?

Shot in the dark: are you using JuliaBox? By default, JuliaBox users are limited to 2GB of storage and the VGG model itself is a quarter of that, so it’s not uncommon to have the VGG model fill up your quota and fail downloading part-way through. That’s how I’ve seen this error.

In any case, it sounds like your download of the VGG model is corrupted somehow. If you’re using it through Metalhead, you can try deleting it and downloading it again — it should live in .julia/packages/Metalhead/....../deps/vgg19.bson, where there’s some slug in ....... Of course if you were space-constrained in the first-place (as would probably be the issue on JuliaBox), then you’ll also have to delete more things to make room before trying again.