Very long time to compile system image with v1.9beta2

Using julia v1.9beta2, I have tried to compile a system image for a project with many dependencies. This takes around 10-12 minutes with v1.8.x. With 1.9b2, I interrupted it at the 2 hour point. Perhaps I should clear out .julia/compiled? The script and project are here.

On the positive side, I have observed that, with v1.9b2, the need for a system image seems to be considerably less than it used to be, as TTFX is faster for just about everything I do.

It is expected for now and a fix is in progress.


Thanks, I will try again when then next beta or RC is out.

The issue is with PackageCompiler, not with Julia itself.

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EDIT: misread OP’s report :slight_smile:

That is not really related. The issue here is that the Pkg.precompile() process that precompile things in parallel is currently not done in such a way that the process that makes the sysimage reuses those files.