Vega-Lite plotting outside of data range with phantom data

I’m plotting temporal data from 1/1/2022 through 5/31/2022 by month. I’m getting bars from Jan through May which is ok. However, the plot is producing phantom data for Dec. I’ve checked six ways to Sunday and there is no data past 5/31/2022. Anyone have any ideas?

Can you post the code that you are using and the output you are getting?

plt=df5 |> @vlplot( “title”= {“text”=“Crimes 2022”},
“mark” =“bar”,
“encoding” = { “y” = {“aggregate”=“sum”,
“field”= “NormCount”,
“type”= “quantitative”,

                               "x"= {"timeUnit"="month",


           ) |> save("person_property_2022.pdf")

Sure. I’m new at this so I sent a couple of screenshots. I don’t know how to send PDF or txt files.