Variable View doesn't work in Jupyter Notebooks in Vscodium 1.6

I’m using Julia Jupyter Notebook in Vscodium version 1.6 and the Variable View doesn’t seem to work, am I missing on something?

Make sure you select a kernel that says Julia VS Code extension instead of a Jupyter provided one.

These are the only kernels that appear, I already installed IJulia in the current environment, but nothing seem to change.


Oh, wait, you meant the Jupyter extension variable viewer. That doesn’t work with Julia (and I don’t think anyone has immediate plans of adding support for that).

The Julia extension has a Jupyter-less notebook mode (if you enable the julia.notebookController setting), which supports the normal Julia workspace pane.

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Thank you very much,sorry to bother again, but where I find this .json to modify this setting?

Just hit Ctrl-, to open the VS Code settings and search for julia notebook or something like that.

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