UTF8 support issue from remote Julia session with tmux

I found a problem with UTF8 support in Juno when running Julia on a remote tmux session.

Apparently, when tmux is run on the remote server from Juno, it disables UTF8 support; this happens even if the locale (on the server) is set to some UTF8 locale as can be checked in Julia either by printing the value of the environment variable ENV["LANG"] or by running in the shell locale.
Maybe I am missing something here.

I do not know if this issue has already been reported, but I did not found any previous discussion about it. In case, I apologize for creating a duplicate.

I know that this may not be of fundamental importance, but it is really frustrating not to be able to have those UTF8 characters printing properly, especially if running the same code locally or remotely.
The problem does not arise when running Julia directly without a tmux session.

Currently, the only workaround I came up with is to mock tmux on the server to run as tmux -u forcing UTF8 support. So a viable solution to this problem could be to add an option in Juno to run tmux with option -u.

If there are any better solutions, or if I missed something, I would appreciate any suggestion.