Using WGLMakie Plots in isolated cell view


I want to display WGLMakie graphs in the Pluto isolated cell view.
Minimal working example:

	using WGLMakie
scatter(1:10) #create a scatter plot
cells = ["scatter cell id"] #get by PlutoRunner.currently_running_cell_id[]
notebook = PlutoRunner.notebook_id[] |> string
final_url = "http://localhost:1234/edit?" * "id=$notebook&" * join(["isolated_cell_id=$cell" for cell in cells], "&")

Running this shows the scatter plot. But when i open final_url for the isolated cell view, it doesnt show the scatter plot. Changing the scatter cell to


shows asd on the isolated cell view, what it should do.

Does the isolated cell view somehow not work with WGLMakie or did I do something wrong? Theres not really documentation for isolated cell view, so im kinda lost at this point.

Thank you

I’m wondering if all the necessary JavaScript machinery is in place for isolated cell view.

Yeah, that’s probably the issue. I was wondering whether I could somehow get it to work anyways.

You might need to use JSServe manually