Using VSCode and Julia Plugin, User Input Doesn't Seem To Work

I’m unable to properly accept user input from the terminal in VS Code.

  1. I have a file called asking-for-user-input.jl, that has the following code:
function main()
  println("Enter your first name:")
  first_name = readline()
  println("Your first name is $first_name")

  1. I right click on the file and select Julia:Execute File in REPL.
  2. It opens and prompts for input, but does this:
Enter your first name:
julia> Svetlana
Your first name is 
ERROR: UndefVarError: Svetlana not defined

It seems this has occurred before with Juno, is their anyway to fix this problem?

It doesn’t seem to have a problem accepting and working with numbers, just strings.

It’s a known issue, but unlikely to be fixed soon. I’d recommend the usual workaround of executing main in the REPL directly.

Out of curiosity, why won’t it be fixed soon? Just not a priority?