Using push! on a plot with time objects

Is there a way to push additional datapoints to a plot when using time objects? The code below throws an error. Am I doing something wrong?

using Plots
using Dates

x = [now(), now() + Second(1)]
p = plot(Time.(x), 1:2)
push!(p, Time(now()), 2)
MethodError: no method matching push!(::Plots.Plot{Plots.GRBackend}, ::Time)

You probably want plot!(p, Time(now()), 2)

That seems to add new plot series when I try it?

Yes plot! will add a new series to an existing figure, as Plots redraws the figure if you want to change things - there’s no real updating of existing Plots. You might want to look at Makie.jl if you really need this, alternatively you can do

plot!(p, Time(now()), 2, color = 1, label = "")

to redraw the figure with your additional points in another series with the same color and no additional label.

Makie looks super interesting. Thanks!
I was hoping to use the push! function kind of like this guy does