Using PkgTemplates.jl to create new github repository


I’m fairly new to Julia and I’m trying to make use of the PkgTemplates.jl package.

When I generate a new package I expect a new repository to be created on github however this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Otherwise the package is generated as expected (locally).

I thought I may be missing some git config? Or creating a new repository not default behaviour?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Generating the package locally is the expected behavior, you could use GitHub Desktop for publishing the package. Note no third-party applications can create a new repo under your account without asking you for some tokens or password.


Ah I see. I had obviously misunderstood what the package did.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a github desktop for linux. Seems like GitKraken might be a viable alternative?

Thanks for your help.

Yep, GitKraken is a very powerful git IDE.

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I think there is also a way to login to github in VSCode and allow it to publish new repos.

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Why don’t you just create the repository on the GitHub website? :smile:

For instance, after you generate a package with PkgTemplates called MyPkg. You can then create an empty repository called MyPkg.jl on GitHub website. Then, simply set the upstream in your local package and all is done.

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That would be a nice feature, by the way. At the very least it shouldn’t be complicated technically, I am not sure though, would the author of the package agree to add it. Worth an issue, anyway.

I have just made a video on a possible Julia project setup (including github repo) using @Tamas_Papp’s PkgSkeleton.jl (although I use a fork for interactivity) : Video : Julia setup for beginner


Agree. Just didn’t realize that the PkgTemplate wouldn’t do that for me. I’m also new to github having previously only really used notebooks.

Just watched this. It’s very clear, thank you. I’ll make sure to use revise from now on!

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Thanks !