Using Julia to solving ODE switched systems?

Hi All,
I am new to Julia. I was wondering if there is any effort in solving ODE switched systems?

Thank You.

A. Tridane

How do you define such systems?

Thank you for the reply
For example this type of system
x’(t) = -ax(t)(y(t)+z(t))
y’(t)= a x(t) (y(t)+z(t))- (g(t)+b)y(t)
z’(t)= g(t)y(t)-cz(t)
w’(t)= by(t)+cz(t)

with g(t) = g1 for t < tau
g(t)= g2 for t > tau

The parameters of the system are constant except g(t). This is an example of only two modes switches. We can have more then two switches, but finite number of course!
Thank you.

That’s just a system with callbacks. See for example

Just switch a parameter.

Thank you! this is very helpful.