Using Julia in my Anaconda environment

I want to better understand how my Anconda environment and Julia is interacting. In my conda environment I launch julia via: jupyter notebook. I installed the jupyterthemes Package to my conda environment via: pip install jupyterthemes. This worked. HOWEVER, now when I go to try and use something from that package, Julia has no idea it exists. In fact, when I check in the REPL,

it is not even shown! I expected to see “jupyterthemes” there. I did find it installed in my conda environment though. I am able to change the theme of Jupyter, but when I try to write “from jupyterthemes import jtplot”, Julia has no idea what I am talking about.

so, what is going on? Also, I can’t seem to install jupyterthemes from the REPL. Not that I think I should since its already installed in the environment…

I think that you need to read about Conda.jl, to gain a better understanding of how Conda and julia interact.

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