Using `~/.julia/dev` for local packages in v0.7

I have some “local” packages, some of which are not even on Github, WIP. My current setup just has them in a directory which I put in LOAD_PATH; mainly so that they don’t mix with packages in ~/julia/v0.6.

Now I want to use these both on v0.6 and v0.7. Is it OK to just move (mv) my local packages to ~/.julia/dev, and have something like

if VERSION < v"0.7-"
    push!(LOAD_PATH, expanduser("~/.julia/dev"))

in my startup file? This seems to work on both v0.6 and v0.7-, I just want to make sure that they won’t be overwritten or modified automatically there.


I do things similarly, and I was also wondering what was the best way to add my local development packages to the environments Project.toml. If you put them in dev they’ll be in the load path, but you’d still need to add them to the Project.toml. Right now the only way I know of doing that would be to generate a new project with the same name and then replace it (which of course is a bad solution anyway because the uuid’s would be all messed up).

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