How to work locally with the same source in v0.5 and v0.6

I have a package which I have been developing while using v0.5. Now that I would like to prepare it for v0.6. I have both versions of Julia running on my computer just fine.

I would prefer to keep fix things in a single codebase (using Compat.jl, this looks feasible). The problem is that the different Julia versions look for the package in different subdirectories of ~/.julia. What’s a good solution for this (on Linux, if it needs to be specific?) I thought of

  1. making a symlink in ~/.julia/v0.6/ to the relevant directory in ~/.julia/v0.5/,
  2. putting the repo somewhere else and putting that in LOAD_PATH.

But both of these look inelegant. Suggestions are welcome.

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I use symlinks, on Linux. It’s fine.

I use symlinks, works well on linux and windows.

I used git remotes set to/from the ‘other’ repository and git pulled. But recently i had the experience that Libgit2-based Pkg displays long errors for that ('URL format not supported?"), is this the correct behaviour?