Using Documenter.jl to in GitHub actions

The Documenter log seems to suggest that setting push_preview=true is necessary when generating docs from a git-hub action, as here

Is this actually necessary?

cc @dilumaluthge

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This is my understanding:

  • If push_preview is true, pull request preview builds will be pushed, and builds on master will also be pushed
    If push_preview is false, pull request preview builds will NOT be pushed, but builds on master WILL still be pushed

It would be good to get clarification from @mortenpi

Or @fredrikekre

Yep, what @dilumaluthge says is true.

But I think the issue here is that you want to build the development version docs when you push to the dev branch, right? In this case, you should set devbranch = "dev" in that case – deploydocs by default assumes it is called "master".

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If I understand correctly, we do NOT want to build the docs on pushes to the dev branch.

We DO want to build the docs on pushes to the master branch.

@ablaom Is that correct?

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Yes. Building docs for every PR slows things down, especially at MLJ.jl. So we have only generated docs for dev -> master PRs

@dilumaluthge has worked out a solution to this for the ci.yml file and tested that indeed the make.jl file deploy command can drop the push_preview=true flag.

This ci.yml file can be viewed here, which is for workflows where most new PR’s are onto a dev branch and master is for tagged releases and doc-updates.

Many thanks to @dilumaluthge for this support and guiding us all through the travis -> github/action transition :heart_decoration: