Documenter.jl failed to build on a GitHub action, how can I run locally commit to gh-pages?

What is the simplest way to build docs with Documenter.jl locally and push the appropriate updates to gh-pages? When I build locally I get

┌ Warning: Documenter could not auto-detect the building environment Skipping deployment.
└ @ Documenter ~/.julia/packages/Documenter/9kOxY/src/deployconfig.jl:76

But is there some way to set deploy_config for deploydocs so that it adds a commit to gh-pages locally and I can manually push that to GitHub? I want to do this for a tagged release v0.1.0.

I didn’t have the right environment variables set up so my CI GitHub Actions did not deploy my Documenter.jl docs. That’s been fixed, but I’m wondering if there is someway to manually build the docs so that I have some docs under v0.1.0. (Since the tag v0.1.0 has already been added).

Alternatively if there is some way to manually trigger the appropriate GitHub action for the release that would also work for me.

You can just check out your gh-pages branch in a separate folder and copy the build folder there and commit & push it

Perhaps you are interested in Fixing broken release deployments.

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Oh, thank you! Missed that. I’ll give that a try.