Using BootStrap package to obtain the distribution of mean/sd

I’m trying to use the bootstrap function to find the mean and sd of a dataset that I have generated. As an example, the following code gives me the mean, error and bias:
A = randn(10)
m = bootstrap(mean,A, BasicSampling(1000))

Bootstrap Sampling
Var │ Estimate Bias StdError
│ Float64 Float64 Float64
1 │ -0.295697 0.00130826 0.293785
Sampling: BasicSampling
Samples: 1000
Data: Vector{Float64}: { 10 }

But I need the distribution of mean values of the 1000 bootstrap samples. Is there any way to get that on Julia?

You are looking for the unfortunately undocumented Bootstrap.straps function.

See Feature to retrieve all sampled results so that a histogram can be obtained · Issue #86 · juliangehring/Bootstrap.jl · GitHub

Thanks a lot.