User-defined functions with large vector inputs

JuMP documentation suggest to use splatting for user-defined functions with vector inputs. For medium size data this works pretty well but for large scale vectors I encounter a memory issue:

julia> f(x...) = sum(x[i] for i in 1:length(x))
julia> y = randn(1_000_000);

julia> f(y...)
ERROR: ReadOnlyMemoryError()
 [1] f(::Float64, ::Vararg{Float64,N} where N) at ./REPL[18]:1
 [2] top-level scope at REPL[20]:1

Hi @edljk, unfortunately I don’t see an easy workaround for this. JuMP’s user-defined functions were designed for functions with a moderate number of arguments. We’d need substantial changes to JuMP’s AD code to support vector arguments that are too large for splatting.

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Thanks for your fast answer!

  • no workaround even if the JuMP user-defined function does not use autodiff (gradient function provided)?

  • do you know where does the splatting limitation come from? Size of available memory?

Correct. The issue is with JuMP’s representation of the expression graph. All elements in JuMP’s expression graphs are scalars.

Not sure exactly. That’s more a question about the Julia compiler.

ok thanks!