Use WGLMakie from Genie

Genie is a web framework and WGLMakie makes web-interactive graphics, normally by using JSServe.jl.

Is it possible to use WGLMakie in a Genie site? How would you suggest doing it?

cc @essenciary @sdanisch

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Maybe @piever or @yakir12 have some examples handy…
I need to give WGLMakie another overhaul soon, to improve docs etc…
But in principle, using show(io, MIME"text/html"(), Page()); show(io, MIME"text/html"(), plot); (page is documented in the docs) should do mostly what you need…

I never attempted that, I only kept to either WGLMakie with JSServe OR Genie with all sorts of Quasar and Vue things.

But it sure would be cool to allow for that. I would find the combination of both to be amazing (Genie is ultra stable and reliable, WGLMakie can do almost all the plotting anyone would need).