Use ProgressMeter to track an increasing real value?

I have a calculation which takes an unknown number of steps to increase a real value x from 0.0 to some user-specified target value xmax > 0.0. I want to use ProgressMeter to show the progress but none of progressmeter types seem applicable:

  • Progress counts an integer number of steps up to some target n.
  • ProgressThresh tracks the decrease of a real value down to some target xmin.
  • ProgressUnknown simply counts how many steps have been taken, with no target.

I can envision workarounds: For example, I could discretize the range [0, xmax] and use Progress to track the discretized value of x. Or, I could use ProgressThresh to track the decrease of xmax - x. However, both of these approaches seem clunky.

Is there a way to use ProgressMeter to directly show the progression of an increasing real value?

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Show the decrease of -x?

That would be a workaround, similar to the second I proposed (though I am not sure ProgressMeter handles negative values). But the intent of my question is more whether there is an actual “track an increasing real value” mode that is not a workaround.