Update progress name along with percentage in ProgressMeter.jl

I’m using ProgressMeter.jl and I have a Progress to measure time a task takes. The task has n::Int total steps, but for each n/10th or so step a different parameter is used in my process. I would like to be able to display both information, the current percentage, as well as the current parameter’s value. I’ve read the README in detail but either I missed something, or I couldn’t find how to do this if it is possible at all. My approach would be to update the name of the progress bar to reflect current parameter, while the percentage and ETA times stay as they are by default.

Any help?

ProgressMeter.next!(p; showvalues = [(:iter,iter), (:x,x)]) something like this?

The source code itself is quite short, seems like there is also a desc keyword argument you can pass to next!. See ProgressMeter.jl/ProgressMeter.jl at 83e619faed2780ab5d6929777c8f6151e3b88c5e · timholy/ProgressMeter.jl · GitHub

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Thank you! Indeed desc does what I thought I wanted, but in fact the sowvalues approach is even more elegant. Thanks! I knew I was missing something, and it was the Show additional information section!

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