Use of references in Julia notebook files (via binder) to the original documentation

I want to set up some tutorials for my repository. I’m using Literate.jl to get the markdown and notebook files from a Julia file. I want to start the notebook files with binder and I don’t see any other solution than creating a new repository for this (otherwise binder starts with the wrong Project.toml)
(If you have another idea on that, please have a look at my question).

Now, when I use a separate repository, like it’s done for instance in Gridap, is there any possibility to use references in the notebooks to the explanation in the original documentation?
For example, in Gridap there are none. I think that would be a big loss for the use of my tutorials.

Or is it possible at all to use references in a notebook file to the topic in the documentation even if I’m running binder with notebooks from the original repository (i.e. notebooks and documentation are in the same repository)?