Use CPLEX solver in JuMP

I am a new learner to Julia and I would like to know how can create subproblem. I tried many ways but all of them not correct. the problem is ( we assumed: there are
400 students and
4 schools each school have 100 students
every 100 student there are 30 students face difficulty with learning math,
then we have 2 student guide for each school
. How can create subproblem during 3 days a week.
i applied Benders decomposition and did not work may i did not write in a correct way.

Hi @R0033h and welcome!
Can you be more specific regarding what you’re trying to do? What do you mean by subproblem? This might also be a useful read

In any case, JuMP’s documentation is a really great starting point to learn both Julia and numerical optimization software!

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